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Happiness Scented Candle

Our Happiness Scented Candles are hand-poured and infused with long-lasting English Pear aroma as the base note, excitingly exuding sweet and fresh, aquatic fruity top and middle notes.

  • All natural soy wax + beeswax
  • Burns cleanly without black smoke & soot
  • Handmade with extra love

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    Why we make this?

    In our recent team meet-up, all of us have a vague wish of bringing happiness to you - our beloved Worthee peeps. Coming to the end of this year, we hope to be mindful of your persistence in going through 2022, and pray there's more light shinning in 2023.

    Be happy, as they say easily. But "how to deliver Happiness" becomes the hard topic of our many brainstorm sessions.

    Giving brilliantly-formulated skin care that makes skin look better and happier is one we have been doing. 

    Putting pleasantly-scented molecules in your room that inspire a happy mood is how we think we can deliver Happiness to you. So, we capture Happiness and seal it in our handmade candles. Light one up, and be indulged. 

    What does it do?

    Happiness is a scent that makes you feel good. A sweet, aquatic fruity note that soothes the soul and calms your mind bringing lots of happiness. Cherish special moments by illuminating them with the flickering light of the Happiness Candle.

    Natural Candle Wax (Soy Wax + Beeswax in perfect ratio) & Perfume Oil