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Here we found some interesting brands that make happy skin ...

Geek & Gorgeous from Hungary

In Judit's (founder of Geek & Gorgeous) own words - her brand is all about maximizing what is good for the skin and minimizing everything else. Starring mesmerizing ingredients like 0.1% Retinal, 10% Niacinamide, 20% Azelaic Acid derivative and many more, in fragrance-, colorant- and alcohol-free safe formulations.

Mad Hippie from the USA

Sam & Dana love surfing. Life was good adventuring with the ocean. But their skin suffered the consequences of hours in the equatorial sun. Driven by a passion for truly natural yet research-effective ingredients, and a desire to create essentials that could serve the fellow community of adventurers, explorers, and dreamers, Mad Hippie was born. 

How can we forget everybody deserves a little The Ordinary!