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Here we have some good sunscreens that apply comfortably on skin …

Hybrid (Physical + Synthetic) Sunscreens from Altruist, UK

Developed by Dr. Andrew Birnie, the British consultant
dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon for more than 20 years,
Altruist is a real gem for sunscreen lovers. High SPF (UVB) protection.

Very high 5-Star PPD (UVA2 & UVA1) defense. Formulated
with advanced EU-approved filters. Best of all, Altruist is affordable.
You’ll love using sunscreens again, and again.

Physical Sunscreens from Mad Hippie, USA

Sam & Dana love surfing. Life was good
adventuring with the ocean. But their skin suffered
the consequences of sun damage in the equatorial sun.

Driven by a passion for truly safe yet highly-protective sunscreens,
Mad Hippie gives birth to 3 beautiful Zinc Oxide sunscreen formulations.
Protection, anti-aging & healthiness, turns out, you can have it all.

Geek Formulation, Gorgeous Skin

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