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Calm Down 4% PHA + BHA Liquid

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    A PHA + BHA match made in heaven for sensitive, redness prone skin that soothes, hydrates and buffs away dead skin cells at the same time for a softly glowing tone.

    • Fluid, water-like consistency
    • 3.2% PolyHydroxy Acid (PHA) moisturizingly exfoliates without irritation
    • 0.8% Salicylic Acid (BHA) unclogs pores & relieves redness
    • Prickly Pear Extract soothes signs of sensitized skin
    • SyriCalm® relaxes stressed, irritated skin
    • Builds clearer, calmer and stronger complexion

    What makes this product unique?

    3.2% PHA + 0.8% BHA

    Gluconolactone + Lactobionic Acid (PHA) are celebrated as the sensitive skin friendly exfoliating agents. PHA, with great molecular size, exfoliates the skin surface very gently, resulting in minimal potential for irritation. Besides warding off the concern of over-exfoliation, PHA (water-loving humectant) attracts moisture to skin and keeps dryness at bay. Multiple roles, Gluconolactone has antioxidative iron-chelating benefits, hunting down oxidative stress, which is the contributory cause of aging. Surface exfoliation is perfect, what about the inner pores? Salicylic Acid (BHA) is included at a sweet yet effective concentration to confront pore-related concerns and soothe inflammation.

    SyriCalm® + Prickly Pear Extract + Yeast Extract

    SyriCalm® features extracts of ancient Chinese herb “Fuling” and an exquisite type of large perennial reed grass, both of which are Ecocert- and NaTrue-certified natural actives with in vitro and in vivo evidence in soothing and strengthening easily-irritated, stressed skin. Together with Yeast Extract and Prickly Pear Extract (wealth source of polyphenols and antioxidants), Geek & Gorgeous Calm Down grants extra sensitive skin a rest assured gentle, anti-inflammatory skin-renewing experience hardly found with other potent exfoliants.

    All Geek & Gorgeous products are fragrance free, alcohol free and never tested on animals.

    What does it do?

    Best of the best soothing ingredients, most gentle exfoliating agents in a bottle, Geek & Gorgeous Calm Down eases temperamental skin a worried-free exfoliating experience in revealing a renewed, polished glow, with less blackheads, breakouts, redness, uneven skin tone and congested pores.

    Who is this product for?

    Ideal for those with sensitive skin looking for a really gentle, almost impossible to overdo hydrating exfoliant.

    Water/Aqua, Glycereth-26, Gluconolactone, Lactobionic Acid, Propanediol, Salicylic Acid, Panthenol, Glycerin, Opuntia Ficus‐Indica (Prickly Pear) Extract, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract, Phragmites Kharka (Topical Reed) Extract, Poria Cocos Extract, Sodium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol

    Smooth a few drops of Calm Down to the face and neck after cleansing. Can be used either in the AM and/or PM

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Farhana Syamilah
    Watery goodness

    Suits well with my very sensitive skin! It does not just a good long term exfoliant but also very hydrating with its watery texture!

    Najihah Zafran
    Great one!

    Not only provides gentle exfoliation, it also soothes and moisturises my skin well. If you have sensitive skin, this should be your best friend!

    Calm Down 4% PHA + BHA Liquid
    Calm Down 4% PHA + BHA Liquid

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