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Geek & Gorgeous

Before fostering a brand, we deeply research (and stalk) the parents, aka the founders. The founders give the brand its DNA. We know materialistic parents with eyes grow round with sight of only money will likely raise selfish, shallow children without much contribution to the world. Founders and brands, likewise
We’re so happy that we had an exhilarating attraction to Judit, the founder of Geek & Gorgeous, upon first reading about her on We haven’t had the love at first sight for quite some time while examining brands. On the page, Judit generously credits Paula Begoun (founder of Paula’s Choice) and Dr. Leslie Baumann (author and researcher for the famous Cosmetic Dermatology textbook, also theorizes 16 Baumann Skin Types) as her mentors for great skin. She is genuine, unbiased and transparent. She never sees any great person or brand as her competition
More admirably, Judit launched in 2010. It is a Hungarian version of (a community with beauty addicts submitting reviews) conjoining (product ingredient database). Today it is the most visited beauty website in Hungary. Honestly, we know creating a constructive community like this brings little cash. Instead, it devours a never-ending wealth time and effort to constantly have the website updated. We believe, few would have achieved this if not because of an extreme passion for scientific skincare and generous altruism
We also believe, your skin will be treated very well with products formulated by this marvelous person 🙂

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