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Geek & Gorgeous


🙆‍♀️Our first Geek & Gorgeous shipment was mailed from Hungary in January 2021


That was the most difficult time for couriers with an unprecedented shortage of containers and freights. The skyrocketing shipping costs were out of control, for a good purpose – 

spaces were prioritized for shipping essential goods for the people, rather than cosmetics


Thankfully, 2022 comes with a better situation. We see a drastic decrease in our most recent shipping cost with Geek & Gorgeous 🧘‍♀


Of course, we can choose to keep quiet and charge you more and earn more, without you knowing. But, that is not Worthee 🙅‍♀️

We have no reason to make price a barrier for you to use real good formulations


Hence, we make a decision to decrease the selling price of all Geek & Gorgeous products

(*not a campaign discount that lasts shortly. We mean a long-term reduction in the selling price before any discount is applied)


👪 In an era where the prices of everything, besides our salaries, are increasing, we hope this makes you less stressful about taking good care of your skin



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