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Garden of Wisdom

Neurophroline Serum

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    Calming and strengthening, this redness-relieving potion transforms reactive, stressed skin to healthy, renewed complexions.

    • Liquid light, comforting texture
    • Neutralizes stress-induced skin damage
    • Soothes sensitive skin & redness
    • Dispels environmental assaults
    • Ideal for skin prone to rosacea
    • Builds resilient, tranquil and healthy-looking skin

    What makes this product unique?

    Emotional stress, UV exposure and aging drastically increase the level of cortisol in skin. An elevated level of cortisol causes skin to become oilier (which subsequently leads to blackheads and breakouts), accelerates premature aging, activates inflammation, breaks down collagen and elastin, delays skin barrier recovery and interferes with the repair of cell cycle. Redness prone, rosacea skin has five times more cortisol than normal, healthy skin.

    Studies evidenced that Neurophroline (an extract of Tephrosia purpurea) breaks down the cortisol production by skin cells. 1% Tephrosia purpurea extract reduces cortisol release by 70%. Garden of Wisdom Neurophroline Serum includes an ultra-calming 2% Neurophroline, in a blend of potent antioxidants resveratrol, apple polyphenols and hydrating hyaluronic acids, to bolster natural antioxidant defence and restore a healthy well-being in skin.

    All Garden of Wisdom products are fragrance free, alcohol free and never tested on animals. Suitable for vegetarians, the environmental-friendly bottles are 100% recyclable.

    What does it do?

    Formulated for the most temperamental skin, Garden of Wisdom Neurophroline Serum quells unwelcome irritations by calming the appearance of redness from inflammation, reducing oiliness, rejuvenating sensitive and delicate areas, replenishing moisture, protecting skin from deeper pollution damage and rebalancing skin to restore peace to your much-needed healthy, radiant complexion.

    Who is this product for?

    Perfect for all skin types, especially those with extra sensitive skin, rosacea or travelling in urban areas with abundant environmental stressors.

    Distilled Water, Neurophroline 2%(Water, Propanediol and Tephrosia Purpursea Seed Extract), Leucidal SF (Lactobacillus Ferment), All-Trans Resveratrol, Apple Polyphenols, Liposomes (Phospholipids from Soybeans), Dehydroxanthan Gum, Hyaluronic Acid HMW (Sodium Hyaluronate), Hyaluronic Acid SLMW (Sodium Hyaluronate).

    Apply Garden of Wisdom Neurophroline Serum onto cleansed face and neck skin both in the morning and evening. This pro formula layers beautifully with other serums.

    Neurophroline Serum
    Neurophroline Serum
    Neurophroline Serum
    Neurophroline Serum

    "Protect Your Skin And It Will Protect You Back"

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