Can Men Use Women’s Skincare? 

Can Men Use Women’s Skincare? 

Once upon a time, the whole notion of caring for one's skin is not really a familiar thing among the men. This is mainly due to the lack of retail efforts from advertisers and promoters who tend to set their eyes on the female crowd more. After all, compared to women, there is a cliché assumption that men need little to no care when it comes to their skin. 



But that was before and gone are the days when skincare was only women’s privilege. Since the last decade, men’s skincare has been a novel marketing idea in plenty of media channels both online and offline. Most major cosmetics brands today even have their own skincare line for men, usually in bold, grey, blue and black contrast-color packaging. However, when you really get down to it, is there really that much of a difference between men’s skincare and women’s? 

Pros and Cons of Men's Skin

It is no surprise that men’s skin is amazingly blessed with many merits compared to women’s. Their hormonal factor acts as a leeway that helped them have lesser freckles and brown spots with regular use of sunscreen. Their skin is also generally 15% to 25% thicker than women's if set side by side physiologically. Not only that, men are gifted with more collagen underlying the skin, so their firmer and tighter appearance lasts longer than women. This is because the female skin experiences major changes later in life, and thins out dramatically, especially after menopause. 

Though male skin genetically has a better inborn aging-resisting system, the majority of female skin still looks better because they engage in skincare more religiously.



In our bodies, there is a system of hormones known as androgens, which are a group of sex hormones. These are the ones responsible for helping start puberty aside from playing a role in reproductive health and body development. All genders make androgens but men create more of them, mainly testosterone which is the most common androgen. 

While it is a key bodily function, this specific hormone actually stimulates more sebum production for their skin. The occurrence of active sebum secretion eventually leads to stubborn acne concerns that have been troubling most men these days, aside from making them more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. 

Can Men Share Women’s Skincare?


When we formulate cosmetics products, we never choose the ingredients based on trivial things such as gender because there is absolutely no gender-specific ingredient. All skin types will reap equal radiance from the same antioxidants, cell-communicating, and skin-identical essentials.

One thing to note is that men’s products are commonly formulated in a lightweight and refreshing manner since their skins are much more greasy in contrast with women's. However, most of the products dedicated to women in the current market are also created in a similar way so there should be no problem for men to benefit from the exact same formulas too. 



Is there a need to separate men’s skincare from women?

Yes. But only psychologically

While there are countless male beauty experts on the internet nowadays, a lot of men still view skincare as a symbol of femininity. On social media, we can still see plenty of innocent lads getting unnecessary taunts and being labeled as ‘sissies’ for paying attention to their appearance, mainly the skin and making educational content about them via popular sites. Even when there are already an increasing number of men using skincare products every single day. 

Because of this, the term ‘for men’ is eventually crafted and used as a psychological tool in order to boost their masculinity. So if a product doesn’t have that particular label on it, it will still work on your skin as long as it is formulated correctly for the purpose or results that you long for. 

Why Men Should Carefully Choose Products Labelled “For Men” ?

This marketing move is in fact handy when it comes to encouraging more men to start investing in skincare for their own good, but it also has its string of drawbacks.  



Many men’s skincare products in the market are terrible because the formulations are made up of irritating and skin-hating ingredients such as peppermint, eucalyptus, camphor, citrus and menthol. All the ingredients that exude a cologne-like fragrance with a heavy concentration of alcohol.

An apparent reason for this fusion is mainly to emanate impressions of being a ‘real men’ with the masculine scent and tingling pain that the product gives off. However, cooling and stinging sensations actually are huge signs that your skin is getting irritated from down under which will only lead to dullness and annoying bumps in the long run. 

We understand men don’t like spending too much time nitpicking on material items, including skincare. Worry not, you usually only need to look out for an effectively-formulated product that is free from harmful fragrance, alcohol and irritating ingredients to maintain a handsome face and skin overall. If you are seeking for some good essentials that will truly work, below are some of our hearty recommendations for you!


DRY SKIN - Alpha Essential Facial Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

A greatly-designed lotion that offers immediate moisturization and leaves long-lasting hydration for thirsty skin.

Alpha Skin Care’s Essential Facial Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid is expertly-formulated to instantly drench dry skin and retain skin’s natural enduring moisture.

The non-greasy texture allows this formula to glide smoothly on your skin while releasing vitamins and antioxidants that support skin conditioning and anti-aging. Your skin will look and feel surprisingly supple and comfortable, even around the eye areas.

OILY SKIN - Minimalist 3-Step Set For Oily Skin 

This 3-Step Set for Oily Skin includes a daily gentle exfoliating Salicylic + LHA face cleanser, BHA 2% exfoliant, and a potent pore-reducing Niacinamide serum. They work together to give a multi-level exfoliation without irritating or drying the skin.

Salicylic Acid dissolves dead skin cells and sebum from the inner walls of pores, revealing fresh skin underneath. BHA 2% serum, on the other hand, is made with Aloe Vera juice, a well-researched active that soothes the irritation associated with direct acids. Aside from being used for the face, it can also be used for mild body acne or bumps on the back.

Vitamin B3 and mineral Zinc duo are potent enough to reduce visible blemishes and clear congested pores. While the combo of Niacinamide and Zinc reduces acne marks and controls sebum activity to a great extent, it is not a remedy for persistent acne.



SENSITIVE SKIN - Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil 

A radiance-enhancing blend of organic oils that beautifully melts away traces of products, waterproof sunscreen, and dirt buildup, for a clean, smooth and refreshing look.

Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil’s luxury, richly comforting texture transforms with water into a lightweight, foamy emulsion to preserve skin’s natural moisture barrier, while cleansing thoroughly.

The organic oils from safflower seed, rose fruit and pumpkin seed are sourced naturally from the earth without the use of pesticides, synthetic nitrogen fertilizers or GMOs, for maximum purity and potency in neutralizing impurities. Olive-derived squalane, vitamin E, and plant extracts cushion and protect the skin while rinsing it completely clean, never leaving behind a greasy residue.

Rational Conclusion

Just like in our previous articles, we can never stress on the importance of knowing your own skin from deep within, right to the surface. Your skin type remains the best standard that you can use as an indicator when looking for products that match you most. If you’re a man with dry skin, use well-formulated products with richer texture; if you’re a man with oily skin, use well-formulated products with a lighter texture.  While gender identity is certainly significant to one’s self-expression, it does not really concern the products they use for their skin in any way. 

Your Sharing: Have you ever shared or exchanged skincare goods with your loved ones? How well does it work on your skin and theirs? 


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